Thank you for taking some time to browse my webpage. I hope you find the information here informative and useful. Please take time to read about what makes my office unique along with services that I provide. Yes, I do provide the customary services such as glasses, contact lenses, and comprehensive examinations but also more; binocular vision assessments, prism, pediatric, and adult exams are just some of the examples of what makes my office unique.

Dr. Scott Trefts
10100 Canal Crossing
Brunswick, GA. 31525
Ph: 912-215-8309
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Dr. Trefts' office is open. You can call the office 912-215-8309 to schedule an appointment. Or, you can simply click the above link to make your appointment online. If you need to reach Dr. Trefts, the easiest way is to email: [email protected] Please wear a mask to appointment per the CDC guidelines. Thanks and be safe.

The safety guidelines recommended by the CDC are to wash hands frequently and thoroughly and avoid touching your face. But what about contact lens wearers? While I have looked through journal articles trying to come across any relevant information, I have not found any yet. I do have these recommendations. 1. Have backup glasses ready if needed. 2. If you do wear contact lenses daily lenses are recommended over other wear modalities. Please remember to wash hands thoroughly before inserting, removing, or repositioning a lens in your eye. 3. If you do wear biweekly or monthly contact lenses, I recommend using clear care solution. Clear care is a peroxide base solution which has better cleaning properties than most contact lens solutions. -Dr. Trefts.

If you make your appointment online, please enter your vision insurance company name if you have any.

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10100 Canal Crossing
Brunswick, GA. 31525
FAX 912-324-4247
PH 912-215-8309